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Sanctuary Open Mic Jam Performer Additional information:

Open Mic Jam with The Phosphorescent Rats

Full Backline:

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Egnater Rebel-30

Fender Blues Jr

Fishman Loudbox Artist

Mark Combo Head II Bass Amp

Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Set

3 Conga Drums (Please no sticks!)

Set of Bongo Drums (Please no sticks!)


Variety of hand percussion

To keep our event as safe as possible, drummers please bring your own sticks and singers bring your own microphone to plug in when you come up if you have one.  If you would like to contact the band in advance to request a song or sign up, we will have some advance slots available each week.


****  Guitar players: 

Please do NOT bring your own amplifiers, we have several onstage to plug into.

Changing amps is not an option and cuts into performance time.

It is fine to bring your own effects or use what we have onsite. 


If you would like more information or for the band to learn material to back you up please send requests and questions to



The band will kick the night off with a 30 minute set at 5:00 immediately followed by sign ups and a special guest artist/band will perform from 7-7:30. Then sign ups continue for the duration.  Check our website and follow us on Facebook to stay tuned and find out about our special guests! 

See you on stage and on the dance floor!

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